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What U R - Amerie - (scrapped) Stimulated Remix
Aaliyah - 4 Page Memoir - Stimulated Remix

I never know where my remixes wind up… but I’m happy that they always seem to make their way to groups of dancers!

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Masia One - MakeUp Stimulated Fashionista Vocal Rework Snip

Almost 250,000 plays… ?!?!?

It’s a bit weird knowing your remix was played about quarter of a million times.  I swear, I never know where this stuff winds up :)  Bon jour!

join me.
#maninaloftdt (coming soon!) for now… :)

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Jamila - Crazy (stimulated main mix snip)

My Favorite (unpopular) Posts

The end of the year is almost here…  Here are my favorite unpopular posts so far in no particular order:

1. Blonde Girl (stimulated remix)
I love this joint!!!! 

2. X Factor
So airy… Weird… Simple. 

3. Saturday Night (Run Away)
Something about this dance/piano thing appeals to me.  :)

4. Vibration
Mellow again… Seems to be a trend.. Hmmm. 

5. iDay
I love this joint. Something about the slightly off drums and retro feel.  Dying to get some soul singer on this! 

6. Lovely
I love the groove on this one.

7. What U R (stimulated remix)
I really need to finish this… Too Minimal.  Needs bass. :) 

8. Hustlin’ (stimulated remix)
ITS A “RECESSION” PEOPLE <— Jus’sayin’. 

9. Actions

10. Wuji
Sunday jazz music :) 

Honorable Mention:

Get Free
Murder by another name… I do need to clean this up though…

Unda Mi Sensi

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Mary J - Be Without U (stimulated remix)
169 plays
Bobby Valentino - Slow Down (stimulated remix)
20 plays

Slow Down (stimulated remix)


"I saw you walkin’ down on Melrose…"

Saturdays post (yep.. early)

Continuing with the “scrapped” remixes… I didn’t really scrap this one.  It was one of the last few I did.  I kinda didn’t want to do this song, because the original track was so hot to me.  But… I kinda wanted to make it a bit more laid back… So here it is… Sloppy keys and all.

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Ashanti - Only U (stimulated remix)
70 plays

Only U (stimulated remix)


Fridays post (Yes.. I’m posting this early.  I have ish to do this week!)

I kinda shoulda scrapped this one. Eh… I dunno what I was thinking when I laid that piano or those drums.  But… it is what it is.  Enjoy… ;)

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Destinys Child - Keep Up (scrapped stimulated remix
10 plays

Keep Up (scrapped stimulated remix)


I always meant to come back to this, but never did and probably never will.

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Damien Marley - Jamrock (scrapped stimulated remix)

Jamrock (scrapped stimulated remix)


Wednesdays post.

When this joint dropped I was dying to remix it… but I couldn’t.  Long story short, I stumbled onto what seems like an unofficial version of the song.  It was hard to lock (get the timing right) and, long story short, I wasn’t feelin’ it.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Mr. Stimulation - Rock the world (stimulated remix instrumental)

Rock the World


Maybe I should make this week scrapped remix week.  I started making these Stimulated Remixes long ago out of boredom.  I started many remixes, but only “released” a few.  This was going to be a chilled out MJ Rock My World remix, but… I wasn’t feelin’ it so I killed it.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Slum Village - Getdismoney (stimulated remix)

Get Dis Money (stimulated remix)

I really don’t know how I feel about this.  Part of me knows I should have left this alone… or at least revisited the drums…change the intro…  The other part of me says f()@#k it.  I did it.  Post it.

I love Slum Village.  I’m a huge Dilla fan (who isn’t?).  One day I thought I’d try to remix a SV joint.  I tried for a couple of days and walked away.  That was sometime in 2008 (I think).  This remix has been collecting virtual dust sitting on the hard drive.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Unknown - Breath Away Meditated (Stimulated) Remix

Breath Away (stimulated) remix

I don’t remember who sang this… Anyhow… Sometimes I try to make house music… I love house music.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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