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18,000 Plays later… On & On #badu #stimulatedremix #tbt

18,800 PLAYS LATER… It keeps rockin’!

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The Entire #StimulatedRemix Collection & My Unknown Fans :-(

The entire collection of Stimulated Remixes is now posted and available (scroll down).  Well… It’s actually missing a few remixes (Jay-Z, J-Lo, Ciara, more Aaliyah), but those were kinda corny (to me).  But… I digress.  I’ve made just about every remix available, with few exceptions.  There are some rough mixes that I’m still working on, but they’ll drop in time.
I’ve been so blessed.  These remixes have been rocking in clubs, high-end hotel rooftop pool parties, radio stations, podcasts, mixtapes, choreographer/dance videos and various stage productions around the world.  Who knew?  I didn’t know.  I started these remixes out of boredom, after being stuck in Tampa and tired of making tracks.  I never really considered remixing prior, but now, after so many remixes, I can’t get enough.  The beauty of the remix, in my opinion, is the ability to take something from one genre and rework it into something sweet for a completely different genre and audience of listeners.  From BK streets to Miami beach sunset chic, anything is possible. 
These remixes landed me radio interviews and a gang of fans I STILL DON’T KNOW.  Thats the one thing I don’t like.  I NEVER KNOW WHERE MY WORK WINDS UP and who appreciates it.  I’m an artist.  I’d love to connect with the people who like my work.  It’s 2014 and I just found out Phonte (Little Brother, Foreign Exchange) and DJ Brainchild rocked my Aaliyah remix on their Gordon Gartrell Radio show in 2009.  How did I miss that?  More important, how the hell did they get word of my work?  I may never know.
I would like to change this, because I enjoy sharing my work with people.  Now that this is my sole way of earning a living it has become more important then ever.  If you’ve seen my stimulated remix somewhere in the world, or if you heard about me via some show or mixtape, reach out to me.  I’d love to know.
Love and light.
Be well.
Be wild.
Man in a Loft

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#PHONTE & #DJBRAINCHILD rock my #REMIX — who knew?

Talk about being out of the loop…  I wish I knew this when it happened, but like I always say… I NEVER KNOW WHERE MY WORK WINDS UP.
It turns out in 2009, Phonte (Little Brother, Foreign Exchange) and DJ Brainchild rocked my Aaliyah Rock the Boat Remix on their Gordon Gatrell Radio podcast (THANK YOU!!!!).  I know its long ago, but… Wow.  It’s an honor and a surprise to be in a playlist with my own favorites, J*DAVEY, Miguel, Dilla, Estero, Little Dragon, Atjazz and many, many more… Huh… I don’t know what to say… I’m still wondering how the Gordon Gartrell Radio show even heard of my remix. Check it out here (remix and related banter about 59 minutes in the show):

Shout out to DJ HARLEMBROWN. Thanks for letting me know.

Dorian “Be Loved”
Ebrahim “Tears Of Ayanna”
Q-Tip “Let’s Ride”
Ryan Leslie “Just Right”
The-Dream “Walkin’ On The Moon” (feat. Kanye West)
Theophilus London “TNT”
Trackademicks “Enjoy What You Do”
J*DaVeY “Night & Day”
Miguel “Dig”
J Dilla “Let’s Take It Back”
Dr Who Dat? “Kelly Drive”
Freddie Joachim “Meditation”
Mos Def “Victory”
Waajeed “Anything”
Fam-Lay “Fresh N Driving”
DJ Mitsu The Beats “Right Here” (Seoul City Remix)
Mayer Hawthorne “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” (Astronote Remix)
Little Dragon “After The Rain” (GB Interpretation)
Esthero “Superheroes” (Afta-1 Remix)
Aaliyah “Rock The Boat” (Stimulated Remix)
Santana “Aqua Marine”
Mr. V “I Can Sing”
Herbie Hancock “Watermelon Man” (Kenny Dope Club Mix)
Atjazz “Wind & Sea”
Rapper Big Pooh “Rear View Mirror”

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What U R - Amerie - (scrapped) Stimulated Remix
Aaliyah - 4 Page Memoir - Stimulated Remix

I never know where my remixes wind up… but I’m happy that they always seem to make their way to groups of dancers!

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Masia One - Number One - The Number Two Remix
Masia One - MakeUp Stimulated Fashionista Vocal Rework Snip

Almost 250,000 plays… ?!?!?

It’s a bit weird knowing your remix was played about quarter of a million times.  I swear, I never know where this stuff winds up :)  Bon jour!

join me.
#maninaloftdt (coming soon!) for now… :)

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The Stimulator - Crazy (stimulated afritronic dub - rough)

Where we’re going with the last house mix… :)  Finally… This is… remix #6.

original mixes:
more house mixes:

One love.

Source: SoundCloud / the stimulator

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Jamila - Crazy (stimulated main mix snip)

My Favorite (unpopular) Posts

The end of the year is almost here…  Here are my favorite unpopular posts so far in no particular order:

1. Blonde Girl (stimulated remix)
I love this joint!!!! 

2. X Factor
So airy… Weird… Simple. 

3. Saturday Night (Run Away)
Something about this dance/piano thing appeals to me.  :)

4. Vibration
Mellow again… Seems to be a trend.. Hmmm. 

5. iDay
I love this joint. Something about the slightly off drums and retro feel.  Dying to get some soul singer on this! 

6. Lovely
I love the groove on this one.

7. What U R (stimulated remix)
I really need to finish this… Too Minimal.  Needs bass. :) 

8. Hustlin’ (stimulated remix)
ITS A “RECESSION” PEOPLE <— Jus’sayin’. 

9. Actions

10. Wuji
Sunday jazz music :) 

Honorable Mention:

Get Free
Murder by another name… I do need to clean this up though…

Unda Mi Sensi

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Mary J - Be Without U (stimulated remix)
169 plays
Bobby Valentino - Slow Down (stimulated remix)
20 plays

Slow Down (stimulated remix)


"I saw you walkin’ down on Melrose…"

Saturdays post (yep.. early)

Continuing with the “scrapped” remixes… I didn’t really scrap this one.  It was one of the last few I did.  I kinda didn’t want to do this song, because the original track was so hot to me.  But… I kinda wanted to make it a bit more laid back… So here it is… Sloppy keys and all.

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Ashanti - Only U (stimulated remix)
70 plays

Only U (stimulated remix)


Fridays post (Yes.. I’m posting this early.  I have ish to do this week!)

I kinda shoulda scrapped this one. Eh… I dunno what I was thinking when I laid that piano or those drums.  But… it is what it is.  Enjoy… ;)

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