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Live in LA: Coverage of OccupyLA

time: 10:28 pm. link:

Free live streaming by Ustream

A little before 10:30pm… police prepare to raid OccupyLA.  The coverage is live.  See for yourself.

Update: Cops expected to raid occupy la at, or shortly after, midnight.

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I lllloooovvvvvvvvve the ending of this vid!

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Cops beat unarmed students in Berkley.  As always, violence from humans with badges for no good reason.

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Cops beat unarmed students in Berkley.  As always, violence from humans with badges for no good reason.

6occupy, america, news, freedom, protest, occupy, ows, occupywallst, occupyeverything, occupywallstreet, berkley, students, police,

It has begun…

The people are becoming reacquainted with their power. 

When the civil rights movement was waning and the pan-african movement was still alive in this country, my father took to the streets… There were people from all over the world struggling to establish a sense of unity, not only for people of color, but for all people.  They wanted the same things we want today… freedom, justice and peace… They struggled to stay alive in a place where hate groups, who often murdered protesters without any legal consequences, had more power and favor than law abiding citizens. 

Somewhere between now and then, some things have changed… and some things have not. Now, unlike then, people from all walks of life realize that we are all shafted in many ways.  Beyond race, creed and other forms of separation/classification, we have all been conned. Many do not know the details and inner workings of our economic and political systems.  After all, such information has been left out of our class rooms, television shows, magazines and newspapers.  However, it doesn’t take rocket science to recognize a con.

I have heard many criticize this movement.  Such criticism has even come from people I respect and admire.  However, unlike them I see no positivity in such criticisms, be they accurate or otherwise.  Where they see flaws and chinks, I see strength and numbers.  They they see a lack of focus (demands), I see patience and a plethora of questions that demand serious answers.  Where they see a mass of uninformed people, I see a mass of information exchange… a massive organized community to be more accurate…  Perhaps a group of people that represent real democracy, community, solidarity in a… protest experiment of sorts. 

Where they see a path to failure, I see existing success.

We live in world where millions flock to see the Superbowl or watch a sitcom, and mere hundreds (if that) gather to fight for a worthy cause.  I am proud to see this movement bring together thousands of strangers and I know it will bring thousands more.


That is where the power lies. 


The civil rights protesters knew it.  The womens rights protester knew it.  Pan-Africanists… Workers unions… And on and on…

For this, I am happy and grateful.
It is the beginning of an ending…
…the start of a closing chapter.

I support this movement.


PS: OfF ToPic… I can’t believe we live in a free country where people can get arrested and go to jail for wearing mask… Yes.. A mask = handcuffs and jail.  The thought alone is crazy… To make matters worse,  I find this disturbing truth even more disturbing with Halloween around the corner( lol ).  I laugh, but I know its not funny.  Freedom in New York, like freedom in the rest of the country, is an evolving joke.  But… this country, like its people, is changing as well…

Update: Seems like some people I admire and respect are coming around.  Good for them!

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"This isn’t about what it is. It’s about what people think is. It’s all imaginary anyway. That’s why it’s important. People only fight over imaginary things."