HELP: Name Me (Part II)

Hey, people.

I’ll keep this brief.  I need a producer name!  Actually, I need producer names. 

I created a post where people could submit their suggestions here, but there were some technical issues.  I didn’t receive any responses.  Plus, it seems as though users must be logged into TUMBLR to submit info to me that way (not cool).  BUT - have no fear.  I have a work around!

Here is how it works:

1. Send me your name(s) and an email address here
2. I will try to come up with some nifty prizes gifts (thus, the need for your email address… unless you don’t want anything) for the creators of the selected names
3. Selected names + no email = THANKS, but I won’t send you anything.  You’re so kind and generous.  You should be a SAINT!

What potential swag might you receive? 

I really don’t know, but I’m a generous (and crazy) person.  I might send you a flip cam’ with footage.  I’d love to send an ipod shuffle or something, but that kinda sucks b/c of Apples tech restrictions.  Maybe a CD of stuff.  Maybe some natural soap and some bath salts… I signed $2 bill. Who knows?!?!?!?  Who cares?  GET CREATIVE AND SEND IN THOSE NAME SUGGESTIONS =)!

If you want to know WHY I need a producer name, read this post

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