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I’d like to take this time to thank Chris Campbell for consistently supporting Jamila and I by playing our record(s) numerous times, week after week, on his Progressive Underground show via Detriot’s WDET 101.9FM.  I’m honored to be played right alongside all the other more known/popular talent such as the Thundercat, Atjazz, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Kim Hill, Dwele, Madlib, Blue Six and the thousands of others!

If you’re looking for interesting music, I suggest you tune in [TONIGHT!]: Sundays 8-11 pm EST | 101.9.FM in Detroit or

If you’re looking for Jamila’s songs, look no further:

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#87: Everyday is Christmas.


join us…


Sensuality is a lifestyle, not a tactic.

Much love.

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Man in a Loft - Logic One

Back to my digital roots.

As usual, this piece was unintentional and unplanned. It started off with me playing with new toys… Always spontaneous. Something about it… makes me want to find the right dancers and shoot something.

I might revisit this and add some vocals.

Available on Sunday 3/3/2013 @

Always free or pay what you wish.

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Masia One - Number One - The Number Two Remix

She paved the path upon which I walk…

man in a loft

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Man in a Loft - Burn Slow Interlude - v.02

Available for free at

Pay whatever you wish or pay nothing at all ($0.00) and get it for free. Either way, you are appreciated. :)

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The talented Mr. Dumouchel…

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Almost 250,000 plays… ?!?!?

It’s a bit weird knowing your remix was played about quarter of a million times.  I swear, I never know where this stuff winds up :)  Bon jour!

join me.
#maninaloftdt (coming soon!) for now… :)

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i love this…

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The Stimulator - Crazy (stimulated afritronic dub - rough)

Where we’re going with the last house mix… :)  Finally… This is… remix #6.

original mixes:
more house mixes:

One love.

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Jamila - Crazy (stimulated main mix snip)

Weird… Quirky… Odd… But.. once it kicks in… what energy!  Watch & Listen.

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