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Mister Stimulation - Hiphop ish
Mr. Stim' - 71 (Indians)

71 (Indians)


Fridays post… track #71.  Old beat ideas with Sherwin.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Mr. Stimulation - Diamonds



Sundays post.

This was going to be a remix of an infamous Kanye West joint.  I wasn’t feeling it, so I scrapped it.  I’m sure this track will come back as a song one day… For now, it has been shelved and collecting dust.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Mr. Stim' - Recka-Nize This
The Stimulator - intimacy
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Mr. Stim' - Fi(y)ah
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- Another joint with Sherwin on drums.

old beats.

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The Stimulator - Let It Flow

Let it Flow

Lets start here…

Before it was Neighbor, it was Let It Flow. Shoutout to Uma who laid the sax on this joint.

Speaking of which.. I think I have the wrong version of this track.  Its missing a sax line (that doesn’t sound like a sax) , but you can here it on the Neighbor song.

This is one of my favorite tracks… I dunno why.  I like the semi-funky timing… The sax.. The bass.  The horns in the end… although I do like the way Neighbor ends a bit better.  I kinda wish I had the correct version.. OH well.

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Mister Stimulation - Champion Sound

So…  I’ve been meaning to post more Jamila songs since she has a show in LA tomorrow night, but I’ve been toooooo busy.  BUT - I have posted tracks that she’s written to and they seem to be popular based on the play count… Here are a few:

- Janet sx Joint -> A Jamila song called Nobody
- Sunrise -> A Jamila song called Count the Ways
- Naught Girl Remix (instrumental) -> A Jamila song called Kisses
- And this track (posted today)… which is a Jamila song called The Way

Our method of making music is usually the same.  I make something (like one of the tracks above).  She hears it.  The next thing I know, its a song.  The funny thing is, her show sounds completely different.  She and her 5 band members put their spin on everything and what I lovely spin it is…

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make any mp3’s of these songs today, but I’ll post one or two tomorrow if I do.

much love.

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Mr. Stimulation - bring it back
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Mr. Stimulation - swag-rocka (the tribute)
Mr. Stim' - B. White


B. White

Shoutout to Sherwin who did the drums on this one.  Yeah, it’s called B. White in reference to Barry White… but this song has nothing to do with Barry White.  Go figure.

stimulator <— having trouble listening.  Click there.

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Mr. Stimulation - All Nite Stimulated Remix Instrumental
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