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Yesterday, from the instragram feed, Volcano.  It’s a big, beautiful world. Get out and get some.
15 seconds of tribal house audio by yours truly, Man in a Loft.

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Aaliyah - 4 Page Memoir - Stimulated Remix

Spinning tonight at the Unit K after hours.  

Tonight it’s HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! I’ll be spinning afro house, classics, soulful and deep!!!

2621 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
[in the back]

$5 until the sun comes up!!!!

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DEEP LA -> Thank you.

Shoutout to Garth Trinidad for putting my music in the mix at DEEP LA this past holiday weekend!!!

Stay tuned for more music!! A new Jamila record, an insane house record, photos from the loft and much more.

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PRODUCERS: UNIQUE, HOT, FREE sounds for your next killer track! - NOT AN AD.

I don’t recommend much stuff and this is not a paid endorsement of any kind.  I happened to stumble upon SOUND INNOVATORS and I just want to spread the word. 

I LOVE THESE SAMPLES.  Granted, they only seem to have KONTAKT files that work with Native Instruments KONTAKT player, but I don’t mind that.  They sound great!  They are NOT like those crappy free samples you normally see on the internet.  NO. 

"All the samples were recorded in 96Khz/24Bit."

Right now you can download some UNIQUE samples of pot lids, screws in a glass jar, wine glasses and more.  They even have samples of a fly buzzing against a window.  You might wonder what you would do with such things, but DON’T wonder.  GO listen.  Let your ears tell you!  I wondered the same thing until I took the time to hear these samples.  HOT!

You can check them out here —>

They also have a soundcloud page: 

Check them out!! you might want to get these while you can and if you really love them, DONATE!  They’re just asking for a minimum of 1 Euro!  Yes… ONE Euro for all of this goodness!!

I assume they will be releasing paid or donation only libraries when they get popular enough… and if they keep up this level of GREAT WORK, they will get popular! 

Their samples will definitely be in my tracks!!!  Download yours and tell one of your fellow producers to take a listen!

man in a loft

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Blue Denim - Stimulated ROUGH Remix - Lana Del Rey

2night in Santa Monica - TRIBE!!!

2621 Pico Blvd!

After a grand night performing at the Standard hotel in Hollywood, I’m spinning TONIGHT at Tribe!  Its a dance class meets a… spiritual-cardio experience.

Spinning deep house.  Come out and sweat.

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Masia One - MakeUp Stimulated Fashionista Vocal Rework Snip
The Stimulator - Crazy (stimulated afritronic dub - rough)

Where we’re going with the last house mix… :)  Finally… This is… remix #6.

original mixes:
more house mixes:

One love.

Source: SoundCloud / the stimulator

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Jamila - Crazy (stimulated main mix snip)
Crazy (Album Snip)

It’s been a long time.  I’ve been working on so many things.  One of them is this song.  With about 12 remixes… The house remixes are so hot to me!!! But… I digress.  Here is the album original… 

This version and 4 others are available on bandcamp!


Produced by little old me.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Feelin U feelin ME feelin U (Stimulated House Edit)

A house edit of a forgotten popular R&B tune.

Source: SoundCloud / the stimulator

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All night long (Thursday night house...)
Mister Stimulation - Runningfromlove2



Gobble-Gobble days post! This was an idea… never finished.  There is something addictive about this one… I hope to finish it one day.  I love the grove though :).

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Mister Stimulation - Housenation v2

House Nation v2


Saturdays post.   

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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