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Man in a Loft - Burn Slow Interlude - v.02

Available for free at

Pay whatever you wish or pay nothing at all ($0.00) and get it for free. Either way, you are appreciated. :)

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Free mp3 download!!! :) f

Free download hot off of my CPU for you… It’s a simple, minimal groove made 2 encourage love and positive, intimate interaction.

Be well.
Be wise.
Be wild.

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FREE DOWNLOAD! Free music.

You know…

I’m not one to celebrate this day, but in the spirit of giving of one’s self, I offer you this.

Originally I wanted to give you this, but some cool musicians are trying to lay some more love on it.

Download (and enjoy).

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Free Download: Sept. Top 5

A bit late, but here it is as promised.

A free download of the top 5 tracks/songs/etc.

*This link may go down.

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How to listen to/skim through all my music easily…


You may not have noticed, but there is a music player called Streampad at the bottom of the blog (  Just click on the bar to play my posts.  It should look a bit like this:

After you click, it will look like this:

There are some icons on the right.  You can view the playlist and go directly to what you want.

You can listen in a full screen player.

Streampad doesn’t always display the titles correctly.  I’ll try to do what I can about that over time.

Next week I’ll offer a free download of the five most popular songs and/or tracks (excluding remixes, but not their instrumentals).  I’ll probably do this on Wednesday and/or Sunday (9/11/11).

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