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Chinua Hawk - Grandmas song
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Grandma’s Song (studio version) 


A ‘lil church on Sunday’uh! 

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Chinua Hawk - JTGB - Mixtape [studio version]
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Tuesday bonus track.

Chinua is the man singing on the original.  Yes… I do mean the original that we all know and love.  Why not have a vocal version. 

Low quality mp3.  Sorry about that.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Chinua - Gotta Make It Good (studio version)
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Gotta Make It Good


Todays post!

Another joint with Mr. Chinua Hawk and Sherwin.  I didn’t really do much on this one.  I think I just played keys and bass.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Chinua Hawk - One man world (studio version)
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One Man World


Fridays post.
Another song with Chinua and Sherwin.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Chinua Hawk - Hummingbird (studio version)
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Todays post.

Here is an old song written and sung by Chinua Hawk.  I really didn’t do much on this song.  I just played all the keyboard parts (strings, flute, etc.).  Once again, if you are not familiar with Chinua Hawk, get familiar.  His catalog is of songs is CRAZY!

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Chinua Hawk - I remember U
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I Remember You


This was posted here as a video (live show!!! check it out!).  It’s available here if you want to download it for free!

This guy is one of THE best singer/songwriters I have ever had the privilege of working with.  This guy has a KUH-RAAAAZY catalog of songs and all of them are extremely high quality material.  Soul music… Gospel and praise… Even house music (I love that 5th Floor remix)!  He’s singing on the Talib and Kanye classic, Get By.  You can really hear him around 3:00 in doin’ his Aah ahh ahh stuff in the background.  In fact, I have an all Chinua version of Just to Get By… Maybe I’ll post that.

I highly recommend you check him out on Peep the songs!!!  His new CD, Back to Life, should be dropping soon (I think in October).  It might contain new versions of songs originally recorded with yours truly.

If this man should EVER just so happen to perform in your neck of the woods, GO!!!!!! You may go there as a spectator, but believe me… you will leave as a fan!

This man should be gigging in LA.  Some wise person should book him now!

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Chinua Hawk - Sunflower
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Chinua Hawk: I Remember You (download)

I Remember You

Verbs and Vox: Chinua Hawk
Music: Yours Truly (But thats Chris Cauley killin it in the video!!)

Long ago, in 2001 (?), I had the privilege of meeting an phenomenal artist named, Chinua Hawk.  In 2003 I had the honor of working with him.  That year, we penned this song. 

If you’re a music lover and you have a thing for wonderful songs, I highly advise you to check out Chinua.  Here is a link to a number of his youtube videos.  You can also catch him  You won’t regret it.

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