Mr. Stim' - Get Free
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This song was inspired by some Caribbean music and the news.  I never really finished it… and probably should have taken out that synth thing (in the break).

I often wonder why people must kill other people.  What is a human life worth?  Land? Money? Fame? Power?  When is enough enough? Is it ever?  Funny how the masses can be happy with so little, and the few crave more riches upon their riches and are never content.  Funny how greed, government and corporate interests lead to guns and bombs dropping on innocent unarmed human beings… who all simply want to live their lives.

It’s a spectacle watched by all…

Despite all of our alleged advances as human beings we can’t seem to get the basics right.  We can’t respect life, be it human or otherwise.  Without respect for life, how advanced are we really?

We are all going to die someday… but I wish we lived in a world where natural causes replaced the bullet and the bomb.

Freedom and peace to all here or in the hereafter

The choice is ours.

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