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Mr. Stimulation - Rock the world (stimulated remix instrumental)
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Rock the World


Maybe I should make this week scrapped remix week.  I started making these Stimulated Remixes long ago out of boredom.  I started many remixes, but only “released” a few.  This was going to be a chilled out MJ Rock My World remix, but… I wasn’t feelin’ it so I killed it.

Source: SoundCloud / Man in a loft downtown

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Mr. Stimulation - wutdahelluwaitin4



This is an instrumental clip of an old hiphop remix I did.  I kinda like it about 2:35 minutes in, but the energy really picks up around 3:30.

Don’t stone me.  I’m not a guitar player.

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Mr. Stimulation - All Nite Stimulated Remix Instrumental
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