The Power of Music -> Over the Creators

Hey all.

First I’d like to say… Sorry. No posts in a while.  Mega post on Monday.

I’ve been editing a song about the POWER OF MUSIC.  When we talk about the power of music, we usually refer to it’s impact on the listener.  Never do we discuss the power of this thing on the creators of music. I think it’s about time we have that discussion.

The song I’m editing had an hour of vocals about what music makes (we) CREATORS do and I know you creators (out there) know what I’m talking about.  You know… The weekend creeps up and everyone else is trying to hit the club, bar, movies, eatery, etc… But you..???!?!  You’re trying to finish (insert your thing here - beats, song, solo or that uber idea you’ve been banging in your head for a week).  

Got an idea, but you’re in the mall or at a concert?  You step away, call your cell phone and leave yourself a message… beat-boxing and/or humming and/or crooning… and u might be a producer, not a singer.  You don’t care.

That image has a typo… Anyways…

You take this shit for granted. You don’t know what its like to live this way.  You don’t know what its like to put a piece of yourself in everything you do… that is… if you’re making honest music.  We put a piece of ourselves in every HONEST piece of music we make… And Prince made how many songs…?  Imagine that.  

If the listeners of music think music is a drug, then what is it to the creators of the art?  I say it is worse than any drug you can take.  While the world sleeps, we are up trying to get that perfect lick… or that one line for the 2nd verse.  We’re tyring two communicate, sometimes without ever uttering a syllable.  We don’t need body language, we speak it in tones and melodies.  We spend all this time and money buying, learning how to use and breaking these things that make music, but we can’t help it.  We are NOT 100% in control.  To deny the urge is to kill a piece of yourself, bury it and mark it with tombstone that reads:

Here lies the real me no one ever got to hear.  I am dead.  I don’t know who that other John Non-Music-Making Doe is, but he is not me.  I am dead.  Tragic.  John Doe will live as a professional unhappy butthead from this day forward.

Anything and everything you experience can be a song, beat or some type audible piece for the ears of unsuspecting listeners.  You can’t experience a sunset, a cute couple in the spring, a tragic event, the plight of people or last nights beautiful disaster without hearing a song.  What about that person you saw for five seconds at the checkout register.  He/She was a hot BEAT!  That damn car is my next rap.  That cloud is someones concerto.  Any and everything could be your next track.  Your life IS music, 24/7.  You live everyday in song (in your head).

It’s CRAZY!!! But I could go on about this forever… So — thats what I’ve been working on… That and the rest of my accidental EP.

Any creators have any thoughts on music and it’s effects on you (please use the ASK ME button in the top nav to respond)????

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